An interesting conversation between grandfather and newborn baby

You can endlessly watch how grandfathers communicate nicely with their granddaughters. There is always a special bond between them. In a popular video from the net, a grandfather talks to his six-month-old granddaughter in such a sweet and loving way, as if the child understands everything. Why do grandfathers have such a special relationship with their granddaughters? A grandfather is necessary and important for the formation of the personality of the younger generation. He is another man in the family, an example and a bearer of invaluable life experience. And they invariably enjoy the love and respect of their grandchildren. The secret is that the grandfather does not feel as responsible for the children as the parents. Therefore, there is a certain ease in communication, often humor and the ability to compromise. Grandfather can become a real friend and adviser for a girl. And then it is to him that she will tell about the first suitors or evil boys pulling pigtails at school. Grandfather will gladly make a swing and a slide for his granddaughter at their summer cottage. With him, even men’s activities will seem like a fun game and will bring a lot of pleasure from communication. Only a grandfather can treat his little granddaughter so carefully and patiently, no matter what happens. Such an attitude forms in the female mind the correct image of a man, the concept of man’s dignity and decency. In the future, a girl who had full-fledged warm communication with her grandfather will have a clear idea that a man can be not only a defender and support for her, but also a great friend. Grandfather is wisdom, patience, prudence and sobriety. Communicating with a grandson or granddaughter, the grandfather will never criticize their actions, but will try to understand the situation and give good advice.
Thus, the girl will know that a man should be a protector for a woman, her support in life. Grandpa will be happy to spend time with his granddaughter, take a walk, tell her a fairy tale or some story from his life. Sitting with a granddaughter is a great pleasure for a grandfather. Once he was needed at work and performed it very responsibly. Grandchildren are also a kind of responsible, but pleasant job for a retired man.


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