An unusual wedding, to which the guests came by tractor. The wedding took place in nature

Wedding in eco style is gaining popularity among couples every year. Care for nature, expressed in the design and organization of a wedding celebration,

looks very beautiful and unusual, and also characterizes the bride and groom from the good side. “Eco” comes from the Greek “oikos”, which translates as house or dwelling.

Экологичная свадьба в лесу Британии

This is where the term “ecology” came from, which is fundamental to the theme of the considering celebration.

The purpose of this style is to bring a person closer to nature.

Экологичная свадьба в лесу Британии

The main components of such a wedding are simplicity, naturalness, freshness, sophistication, an abundance of greenery and,

of course, the most important thing is not to harm nature, but to preserve it. The girl’s outfit should be made of some kind of natural fabric, for example, silk, linen or cotton.

Экологичная свадьба в лесу Британии

As for the style, a light, airy, flying dress or sundress, straight cut or A-silhouette, will best fit into the eco-theme.

The main task of the style in question is to make the look more natural, concise and relaxed, so corsets, trains, sequins and tight styles will definitely not work here.

Экологичная свадьба в лесу Британии

The maximum outfit can be decorated with lace inserts. As for the style of the groom,

the image should turn out to be as informal and light as possible, which means that instead of a strict black suit, something simpler something simple should be chosen.

It can be linen, wool or cotton.

Экологичная свадьба в лесу Британии

A couple from Breton played a real eco-wedding in the forest. Аll the wedding guests arrived on a tractor, and hay bales were used instead of chairs.

Only vegan dishes from natural products were served on the table. The bride was dressed like a forest fairy. The wedding turned out to be beautiful and original.


Экологичная свадьба в лесу БританииЭкологичная свадьба в лесу Британии

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