At 14 he started digging a well and now it’s a cave that has everything to live for

Andrés Cantó is a young man who dreams of becoming an actor. However, he managed to rise to prominence in a much more unexpected way: he built his own cave in a fit of bad temper and perfected it to the point that it has electricity, an oven and even a Wi-Fi Internet connection. It all started in March 2015 when Andrés’ parents asked him to get ready to go to a nearby town.

At that time, he was 14 years old. He refused time and time again and finally decided to run away to a plot where his parents were planning to make a swimming pool. “He didn’t deal with the emotions very well,” Andrés said. Back then it was the year 2015, but today it is a cave that has left everyone speechless.

“My grandfather was a farmer and he had caves all his life, so I learned a lot,” Andrés said. Doing physical activity has always helped him release his emotions and feel better. “It’s like when you play sports. You end up sweaty and relaxed. Then you take a shower and you’re like new. It was like going to the gym,” Andrés said.

The well got deeper and deeper and for a while a friend of Andrés decided to help him. They used a pickaxe motorbike and managed to give the cave a lot more shape. In 2019, he had ten steps built to descend comfortably and made a two-meter vault that serves as his bedroom.

He also devised a small mechanism to bring all the earth to the surface and started building a small porch with a garden in the area above his construction. Currently, the project has electricity, an oven and even Wi-Fi.

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