At 65, life is just beginning! How stylists turned grandma into a brilliant woman

The heroine of the TV show was a 65-year-old woman who was brought in by her son so stylists could help her look beautiful, stylish and youthful.

He wanted his mother to become an interesting woman, not a sad grandmother in clothes from thirty years ago. The fact is that Tatiana lost 40 kilograms, now her weight is normal, and she continues to wear her shapeless old things, which greatly disturbs her relatives.

The stylists of “Fashion Verdict” willingly began to work with the woman. But according to the terms of the transformation, Tatiana and her son first took the pictures for themselves. The first image the son chose was a white blazer, tank top and rolled up jeans. On younger girls, this option would look very cool, but on Tatyana – at least ridiculous.

The second image is a fitted suit with a fashionable print, a white blouse and a bright yellow tie. This image was quite old-fashioned.

And the third is a dress of a delicate pink hue. In principle, this option was more suitable for women than the previous ones. The image was complemented by long beads.

And now let’s look at what the stylists came up with and did. The first image is a silk blouse with a delicate print and an elegant suit in a cool pink hue.

And the highlight of this look was a designer backpack, scarf and glasses.

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