Beautiful memories. The two princes play the piano as children

Children grow up carefree and naive, regardless of what family they are from and who they will become in the future. Looking at childhood photos of Prince Charles and William, we see ordinary children who rejoice and play together. Childhood is the happiest time. Despite the constant camera sights, many royal rules it was a very cool time for William and Harry. Together with their mother, the princes loved to go to the London water park, walk in the garden for hours and ride bicycles. Diana tried to spend as much time as possible with her children, so they often flew with her on important royal business, even when they didn’t really want to. Little William and Harry preferred playing with water pistols, riding wooden horses, or, in the end, the most ordinary walks over long flights.

The kids loved to mess around playgrounds. It’s hard to believe now that British princes were ever like that. Harry walked around in a tiny pink jumpsuit, and William was not averse to putting on a funny mask to scare passers-by. Today, princes can hardly be seen in such images, but we are sure that they have not lost their enthusiasm. In archival photographs, we can see how cheerful the brothers grew up, not at all thinking about who they would become in the future. In one of the photos, the brothers are playing the piano . The love of adventure was already in Harry then, from the very beginning. Surely Princess Diana would be proud of him. Photographs are an invaluable memory that brings a person back to the past and makes it possible for a moment to think about how his life began and where he goes next. Childhood is a magical time that, alas, will not return. Today, Harry and William are grown men, each of them has his own family, but between them there will always be that strong bond that connected them in childhood.


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