Beautiful wooden sculptures made by Thomas Dumbo are buried in the woods. So why does he need it?

In the Belgian forest, magical creatures have taken up residence. Thomas Dumbo, a gifted young man, took the decision to create wooden creatures from fairy tales in the forest. “Seven trolls and a magic tower” is the title of a project he did. The young man’s love of local myths and stories dates back to his early years. He took details from regional fairy tales in his plan to build the fairy forest trolls.

Building their fairy tale in the forest took him and his companions several months. Thomas thinks society has become more disconnected from nature. People have become too dependent on technology and devices. But maintaining a healthy relationship with nature is crucial. He wants to demonstrate through his efforts how beautiful the earth is outside of our cramped apartments and bustling cities.

How much inspiration we can find in mountains and forests that is not available on the internet or on television. The subject of the young man’s upcoming projects, which has not yet been revealed, is unknown. Thomas produced real magic. Young males look like huge, mythical, fairy trolls. They are in various positions and locations throughout the forest. The first leans against a large chair while the second lies on the ground and scans the sky.

Thomas used old unused shelves, planks and dried forest branches as building materials. Trolls can be up to 18 meters tall. He created the bodies of the sculptures from planks and on the heads he added hairs from dried branches.

The project is gaining notoriety. Many people come to walk in the forest and admire the magnificent trolls. Thomas thinks he somehow managed to divert attention from the virtual world. Children especially like to surround the men of the forest. The forest seemed to come alive and transform into a mystical realm.


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