Bees have been living in this house for 50 years. The beekeeper described the entire process of removing them

David L. Glover is a professional beekeeper from the United States who was invited by people to remove a bee nest from the walls of their house. About 90 thousand people follow the beekeeper’s page, but a series of photos called “My Biggest Hive” went far beyond the interest of David’s subscribers, he was even talked about in the news and this story instantly became viral on the Internet. This is the same house where unfriendly neighbors settled. On the wall near the window, the residents found a cluster of bees.

Having taken a thermal picture of the house, David realized that he would have to tinker a lot here. According to estimates, male bees built a house for themselves 2.5 meters high. The professional went to work and began to dismantle the wall. The work was slow and hard. It’s all about the strength of this old house and the stubbornness of the nails. It was more than 2.5 meters, the nest was huge! The main part is located between wooden partitions. This is not a hive, but a real honey plant that has been working here for about 50 years! “The process of removing a beehive from a home is simple,” says David.

He made 7 points: Blow the bees off the surface of the comb. Trim the honeycomb to the appropriate length or height. Take honeycombs. Cut the combs to fit in the frame of the hive. Position the rubber band in this place. Put the honeycomb frame into the box. Repeat. The man divided the hive into 12 parts.

Thanks to the “bee engineers”, the parts turned out to be exactly the same. The upper part of the porch also had to be opened – the hive spread there as well.

Just take a look at this! David later counted 9 square meters of honeycombs. Well, all the combs have been removed and moved to another place where the bees will continue their activities.

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