Before her cat impresses them, the audience laughs at the farmer’s wife when she enters the stage for the first time.

A woman’s voice at a music competition in France amazed both the judges and the audience. Jacqueline, an elderly person, performed at the show. The judges laughed as she took the stage and introduced herself. How often do we base our opinions on someone’s appearance? Jacqueline is 53, not particularly young and not particularly groomed, but none of these factors give anyone the right to assess her talent. Ironically, the judges began by inquiring about Jacqueline’s identity and profession. Jacqueline is an ordinary housewife, not a singer, it turned out. She owns a farm where she and her husband raise animals and birds for breeding.

Jacqueline, however, is a very imaginative girl who decided to live out her childhood goal of singing on stage. The judges couldn’t say anything when Jacqueline started singing. She has a beautiful voice. The jury and the public waited impatiently all the time she performed. Jacqueline had a beautiful high tone and sang with a lot of soul and heart. The applause continued after she finished singing. The judges praised her and regretted making fun of her. They advised the woman to enroll in classes to advance and develop a career in singing. Jacqueline, however, refused.

She didn’t care about a singing career; all she wanted was to live her dream. The woman is good not only at singing, but also at making beautiful stone panels. Jacqueline wrote a song in tribute to her husband, who always supported, loved and believed in her. He persuaded her to enter the contest. Jacqueline was quite anxious and questioning her skills, but her husband’s encouragement gave her courage. This is how the wife of an ordinary farmer gained national fame. She has been the subject of numerous publications and has become known to the general public. How crucial it is to accept people for who they are and to refrain from judging someone’s talents based on their appearance alone. Talent doesn’t have to stand out from the crowd; sometimes the most mundane people are the most brilliant.


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