Cabin in the woods: a man built a full-fledged house from scrap wood

How much does it cost to buy an apartment or a house these days?

Quite an expensive pleasure. However, not for a jack-of-all-trades, who can even make a house out of garbage.

The man decided to build a house from construction waste. Such an idea came to him after he decided to buy himself a small summer cottage.

But when he saw real estate prices, he realized that such a purchase was not for him. Then he decided to try to make a house for free.

For the beggining, he arranged with construction companies in the area to collect all unnecessary construction debris from them.

The owners of the construction sites happily agreed, since they no longer needed to spend money on garbage disposal.

The carpenter made the basis of the house mobile, so that it would be easier to transport it to where further work would take place.

The man did the wall cladding right in the forest and filmed everything on video to show that everything is possible if there is a desire.

The walls turned out to be three-layer, well insulated both from the outside and from the inside. He made the roof more durable, from heavy boards.

The man thought of everything to the smallest detail. The interior design of the house was also made of wood.

He did all the work alone. The house turned out to be not only solid, warm and protected from winds and drafts, but also made of environmentally friendly materials.

The carpenter completed his work within a couple of months. A video about an interesting house made of garbage immediately spread across the networks.

Many people liked the idea. After all, two problems are solved at once – housing and garbage collection.

The house can be transported by van. The same technique can be used to build country houses, hostels.

After successful work, the man decided to start building such houses for sale.

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