Can you imagine 60-year-old buddies learning that they are blood brothers?

How often does it happen that while communicating with someone all our life, we have no idea who they really are? Alan and Walter were two close men in Hawaii. They had known each other since they were children. The men attended the same school and were enrolled in the same class, and their families also lived nearby. They shared many ties and even similarities. They both started playing for the same football team shortly after graduating.

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane

Walter and Alan both had similar life experiences. He had forgotten who his parents were. He was raised by a foster family. He always wanted to know who his biological parents were, even though they loved him as a native. Walter longed to meet his biological mother while residing with his father and stepmother. They both registered on a website that searches for blood ties. When Alan learned that Walter was his closest cousin. The men were identified as brothers through a DNA test.

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane

They were brothers in addition to being great friends. They seem to need to know each other. It turns out they have a nephew, uncles and aunts. They’ve been neighbors all their lives, but they didn’t know their connection. Although Alan and Walter share a similar appearance, they never thought about it. Together, they made the decision to go in search of their biological mother. There is always a special relationship between close friends, according to recent studies. More than 2,000 DNA sequences from unrelated individuals were compared by the researchers.

It turned out that compared to strangers, friends have much more common genetic variants. Humans are exceptional in that they develop lasting relationships with other members of their own species. Individuals want to spend time with like-minded people. Most people are not even aware of the appearance of their fifth cousins. They do, however, manage to select among the various options friends who resemble their family members. It’s no surprise that close friends are linked.


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