Canadian artist Richard Savoy and his magical paintings․ Her photos look real

Speaking about modern painters and artists we can surely mention the name of a

very famous Canadian artist Richard Savoy.

He is a real talent of his time. He is well-known for his works in pastel..

Looking at these panting one can see and feel the real magic of colors and shadows..

His paintings are like living creatures.

It is enough to look at his painting and you find yourself in another world.

Ожившая пастель в картинах Ричарда Савойя (Richard Savoie)

One can feel the real life of the district and can be transported there.

With the help of red and light orange colors he can

create a cold and snowy winter Canadian scenery.

Ожившая пастель в картинах Ричарда Савойя (Richard Savoie)

Looking at these pictures, one wants to crawl under a warm blanket,

pick up a mug of warm tea and relax dreaming of something pleasant.

Работы художника Ричарда Савойя (Richard Savoie). Часть 4. (21 фото)

Richard Savoy knows how to combine small and very small details accurately.

Not to all artists this kind of accuracy is given, because it’s really very hard issue.

He has many stunning pictures among them is “Christmas Nocturne”.

The word “Nocturne” in the title is not placed by chance.

It has a deep meaning in it and each can look at it and feel the way he or she wants to.

Concluding we can admit that his paintings are cold but warm at the same time,

they are dark but light at the same time.

There is just one thing to do admire the artists talent.

Потрясающие работы канадского художника Richard Savoie | Журнал Ярмарки Мастеров

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