Contestant moves judges with powerful cover of “Amazing Grace”

I was captivated listening to her voice. She was meant to sing this song!

Remember the name Angela Fabian. Chances are, after watching this audition of hers for The Voice Australia, you’ll be searching for her music all over the internet anyway.

Fabian is a jazz, soul and blues singer who was born in Omaha, Nebraska. She started singing in church at the age of twelve. You could say her singing voice is sent from above.

Here she is with a powerful rendition of “Amazing Grace”.
Angela’s powerful voice captivated the coaches and the audience, so much so that they couldn’t stop cheering her on as the others spun in their seats.

This soulful siren has worked for the United Nations for 6 years. Fabian found herself traveling and performing for troops in places such as Iceland, Germany, Somalia, Egypt, Honduras, and Japan.

Watch and listen to this breathtaking rendition of “Amazing Grace” below!

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