Crotia seems like a heavenly place. It is very beautiful

Croatia is an amazingly beautiful country, which is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Its natural landscape impresses with its diverse flora and fauna. This country looks like a fabulous state, where dense forests grow and majestic rocks rise, and on the seashore you can see the horizon merging with the wave line. Croatia is a country of islands. A thousand pieces of land of different sizes are located along the Adriatic coast. Thanks to this natural feature, Croatia is protected from sea winds, which creates a mild pleasant climate.

Croatia welcomes 10.3 million tourists so far in 2022 | Croatia Week

That is why this country attracts tourists so much. Croatia has a lot of beautiful places and sights that are definitely worth a visit. But there is one unique place here, which cannot be found in any other country. On the peninsula of Zadar there is a city of the same name, which is a tourist center. It has many spa hotels and specialized hospitals. Here is the Sea Organ, unique in its structure, built on the city embankment by a famous Croatian architect. The organ was built in 2005. At first glance, it is a 70-meter staircase stretching along the coast. However, pipes of different diameters are hidden under the stone slabs, which are located at different angles, which creates a kind of sound system.

Croatia's Dubrovnik attracts record-high 1.44 mln tourists in 2019

The force of the wave pushes air out of the pipes, which makes a melodic sound. The tone of the sound depends on the strength of the wave. This is a real melody of the sea and nature. This place has become the hallmark of the city. The music of the waves attracted tourists even more, and the promenade became one of the busiest places in Zadar. Although Croatia is a young country, it has a rich history. Its cultural, historical and architectural heritage is the result of a unique fusion of many cultures. It is impossible to get bored in Croatia. This is a country of fantastic natural landscapes that replace each other, shimmering with the colors of vegetation. And Croatian cities carry a certain aristocracy. The one wants to endlessly walk along these quiet narrow streets, inhaling the aroma of flowers and hot coffee from street cafes.

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