Dad print the World Cup album stickers to make son’s dream come true

A few weeks ago the official album of the World Cup was released, which every four years turns thousands of fans into collectors in order to obtain all the stamps of the footballers who will participate. The current edition of the album and its box of envelopes It has a price of more than two thousand pesos, a figure that is not possible for many children or young people. However, many go to great lengths to complete the mission to collect all the stamps before the first game begins. Daniel decided to surprise his son Timmy and fulfill one of his biggest dreams, to complete the album.

With a cost of 59 pesos and several prints of the stamps of the footballers, the father made a great effort to make Timmy feel no less than his friends, for this reason he obtained the sheets of the original teams and made them into copies. Finally, after all, the differences are not so visible and the result was worth more than anything, Timmy even helped his father to cut out the images and glue them according to tradition.

Many netizens who saw the story started congratulating the man and commenting on good things.

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