Dave Crosby, the “guy” who transformed the 3 Voice Judges in record time

Last September, Dave Crosby, father of 2 children and very talented singer, decided to audition for The Voice. His incredible voice quickly caught the attention of one of the judges, Adam Levine, “forcing” him to impulsively press the button and turn around. For most of the performance, the Maroon 5 lead singer sat with a straight face, watching Dave’s performance with seemingly no emotion.

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At the end, however, he said “Wow,” and two other judges, Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton, turned around, puzzled by his comment. As they discussed Dave’s fate, trying to get him to choose one of them, Jennifer Hudson, the only judge who didn’t turn around, she asked Crosby what made him come at The Voice. Turns out Dave gave up music when his daughter Claire was born. However, that is also the reason why he came back.

Dave and Claire Crosby on the Voice - UtahValley360

At the age of four, Claire was obviously a very talented singer, and her duet “There is a friend in me” became famous. Hudson asked if Claire was near her and asked her to take him on stage to sing a song. Watch the video below to find out what happened next!


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