Designer solutions for small houses offered by masters. Closet under stairs

In urban small apartments, it is very important to properly plan the living space and use every centimeter for some purpose. Modern architectural and design solutions offer many unusual ideas for organizing space. One of these ideas is the use of space under the stairs in two-storey apartments. This triangular space is mostly littered with junk and old stuff, but it can be converted into a wine cellar, for example.

bespoke furniture under-the-staircase storage shelves

Rough Furniture is a modern manufacturing design studio in North Perth, Western Australia. Their latest development is a project called “Wave Rack”. This is a unique piece of furniture that is made to order in accordance with the dimensions of the apartment and the landing and has a retractable built-in wine rack. It has 39 cells for storing wines, cognacs and champagnes, and it is not difficult to open it. To do this, you just need to pull the special handle and then press it to close it. This unique shelf can be used for more than just wine. It has a built-in set of shelves and drawers that are made to order.

under stairs wine rack rough furniture

All shelves are made of high quality natural materials, mostly American oak. The part that closes the bottles is made of glass so that the wine collection is visible to the hosts and guests. The glass also provides air ventilation and prevents dampness.

under stairs wine rack

It is the only company in Australia to offer such innovative bespoke designs and offer custom architectural solutions to suit the house design. In the future, the company plans to expand and export furniture and built-in wardrobes abroad. Modern interiors are different from those used in the last century. Bulky cabinets and shelving are no longer popular. More valued multifunctional furniture that takes up little space and holds as many things as possible.

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