Eight girls move in a V shape as they dazzle the internet.

Although the red hair and happy face might hint at it, not many people are aware that Ed Sheeran’s grandparents were Irish. A group of local women got together to dance to Ed’s well-known song, “Shape of You,” in recognition of his Irish roots.


The females line up in the traditional “V formation,” play music in the background, and then start punching, jumping, and dancing while the beach is in full view! The females are all from Galway City, Ireland’s Claddagh neighborhood, and they act like it! Their blond and wavy hair and the tapping of their heels with each note reiterates it. It’s simply amazing to watch how quickly and in perfect unison their feet move. After they were done dancing, the girls uploaded the video to YouTube for everyone to see (and perhaps Ed too). In order to inspire other dancers to contribute their own routines set to Ed’s amazing songs, they also established the hashtag “#Step4Sheeran.”

His performance illustrates that Irish dancing is much more than just stamping your feet, it’s a difficult and beautiful art that everyone should see at least once in their lives. So take advantage of this chance and enjoy the video below!


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