Elderly people organized a flashmob right on the street

The fashion of various flash mobs has not surprised anyone for a long time. They can be seen in almost every corner of the world. As we know, a flash mob is a pre-planned mass action in which a large group of people appear in a public place, perform predetermined actions and then disperse. These actions are organized for various reasons: someone wants to express love for a loved one, someone wants to morally support sad people, someone wants to have fun. Sometimes such events are held in honor of a holiday or a specific date.
Today, there are quite a large number of flash mobs, the participants of which are people of various professions and interests. They are united by a common idea.

A very unusual flash mob was organized in America, the video of which immediately spread on the Internet. This time, elderly people took part in the flash mob. It was sponsored by a famous company called Lifemark. Its employees decided to draw the public’s attention to the problems of the elderly and popularize them. It happened on a completely ordinary day, when people were in a hurry with their work and did not pay attention to what was happening around them.

An elderly group of people surprise everyone with a flash mob


A shopping center was chosen as the venue for such an unusual flash mob. Suddenly, the song “Feelin’ Good Ooh La La” was playing. At this moment, an attractive old woman appeared in the center of the hall and just started dancing. Many passers-by drew attention to her, but soon her peers began to join her grandmother. They all joined him and put on an incredible and extraordinary show. The beautiful music and great mood of all the pensioners simply captivated everyone. Regular passers-by were fascinated by what could happen in the mall. It’s hard to even imagine how old people danced as well as young people. It was surprising that all the pensioners were about 70 years old.
The purpose of the flash mob is very relevant today, and the participants managed to draw public attention to this issue. Among other things, the seniors just had a lot of fun.


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