Evelyn Williams, the woman who realized her dreams at 81 thanks to the buttercup of Got Talent

When the lovely 81-year-old Evelyn Williams was escorted onto the stage of Ireland’s Got Talent, the judges wondered what this great-grandmother was doing there. What could she surprise him with? When Evelyn opened her mouth and began singing Stephen Sondheim’s song, “Send in the Clowns,” the audience and judges were stunned.


She not only touched the audience, she also touched the hearts of the judges. The whole jury rose to congratulate her. In fact, judge Michelle Visage touched the golden push button and confetti rained down on the woman, sending her straight to the semi-finals. Evelyn appeared on the show with her granddaughter, who encouraged Evelyn to try her luck. Her best friend was also in the audience.


They couldn’t believe the response to Evelyn’s amazing performance, even though they personally knew how amazing she was. They could see how captivated the audience was by dear Evelyn hearing about her. Take a look at the following video with your own eyes to see the magnificent performance of an 8-year-old lady, all worth it. What did you think of his performance? Have you ever seen something similar? Post your thoughts in the comments section!


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