Every day the Indian went to the mountains to dig a hole. 30 years later, people saw a river 15 kilometers long. No one believed him

Every day for 30 years, a man took a shovel and went to dig a hole in the mountain. Residents of his native village laughed at him, but after a while people saw a 15-kilometer river, which saved the entire settlement. The Indian village of Kotilava is located in a dry place.

There was never enough water, even in the rainy season, the slopes of the hills diverted the precipitation towards the river. Therefore, local residents began to gradually leave their homes, not hoping for a better change. Many did the same, but not Laungi Buyan. Instead of sitting and waiting, the man took action. At first glance, his idea seemed unrealistic: every day, Lungi would travel to the mountains to dig a canal that would divert water from the slopes directly to the village.

No one offered to help Launga. For three long decades, he dug a hole 90 centimeters deep and one and a half meters wide alone and without special tools. And in the end, he achieved his goal: the water reached the arid zone. No one believed me, I heard all those giggles behind my back. And now the village is alive again and the neighbors see me as a hero,” Lungi told reporters.

The story of the stubborn builder has spread on the Internet. Local authorities were informed of the water condition and sent equipment to the village to widen and deepen the man-made canal.


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