Everyone was amazed by the girl’s amazing performance at the mall, and she quickly gained notoriety.

Everyone is invited to play the piano in one of the shopping centers in France if they wish. Usually, beginners gather near the instrument to demonstrate their abilities or just children playing. Plus, a professional jazz pianist offers a free piano master class and quick instruction to anyone who requests it several times a week.

A 13-year-old girl approached the guitar one day and started playing. She was playing by ear and didn’t know the notes, which was obvious. The girl gladly accepted Maestro’s offer to give her some lessons. He had no idea the youngster would pick up the song and start performing so quickly. He made the decision to show her some jazz chords, especially in the ad-lib style.

13 Year Old Girl Demonstates Piano Learning Persistence - YouTube

He saw the talent of the girl and the need to use her right away in the genre of improvisation. Ad-lib is generally limited to the improvisation of notes and rhythmic groups in popular music, rather than tempo (usually in the form of brief melodic portions or riffs with variations). Jazz music is the only exception to this rule, as most popular tunes are played at the same speed from start to finish.

Ad-lib is so generally used that the music peaks, stops, and extends the part of the song it contains (for example, the highest ad-libbed notes are frequently sung over the chorus part with a end-to-pop function Additionally, most of the song’s repeats have already taken place as the music comes to an end, so ad-libbery doesn’t disrupt the dynamics or structure of the song.

It is also conceivable that an ad-lib passage opens the music, but for the opposite reasons (the song form and structure have not yet been developed). In jazz, spontaneity is key. After a few lessons, the girl was already a competent jazz pianist. The audience and the teacher expressed their shock. In shopping malls, this is how talent is located.


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