“Father with many children with seven children”: 5 years ago his wife left this man, and how he lives now

No human parent can compare to this dog’s ability to care for children in Nebraska. Berkeley, a Bernese Sinnenhund, was adopted by the Miller family and lived with them before their daughter was born.

When Eleni was born, the couple were reluctant to leave the dog near her as they did not know how she would react to the arrival of the new baby in the house. But they quickly realized that all their worries were unfounded.

Huge, with strong paws, the dog took on a loving and caring personality next to little Eleni, no different to what happens when dogs are around their own children. Even after installing a baby monitor, Kristin and Joe’s parents found that Berkeley performed nearly all of its features.

Every night I go to the bedroom and check to see if the baby in the crib is okay.

And when Eleni was two years old, her parents told her a story that made her extremely happy about the care the dog, with whom she had lived all this time, had received. And they themselves are happy that their daughter is completely safe with such a nice tutor.

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