Five men appeared on stage and performed a dance that both the jury and audience found amusing.

Whatever objective we set for ourselves can be accomplished regardless of our age. And five senior citizens showed this in a British Got Talent performance. The five walked up on stage to show off their talent in front of the jury’s and audience’s bewildered looks while wearing sweaters and cardigans to maintain the stereotype of an older man.

Old' Men Groove During Viral Britain's Got Talent Audition - Christian Music Video

The group of five, who went by the name Old Guys Grooving, had a slow start. The “leader” of the group started with a solo dance as the music started to play. Although it was a rather dated tune, nobody anticipated what was going to unfold. Out of boredom, the jury was going to press the red button. Even Simon sighed, but the moment the music changed, everything was different.

Old Men Grooving bust a move, and maybe their backs! | Britain's Got Talent 2015 - video Dailymotion

The stunned expressions on the crowd’s faces can be seen in the footage as they laughed, cheered, and applauded. The entire crowd and the four judges were in awe as one of the dancers performed an amazing performance on the floor that could rival any young dancer. Nobody could believe the five guys were disguising such amazing dance moves as they made their way around the stage. The “guys” gasped, which was even funny when everyone had completed dancing. Before the jury’s startled eyes and their worry that they would run out of breath, one of them even dared to break dance.


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