For 45 minutes in a row, a father put his hand under his daughter’s head to make her sleep peacefully on the plane

Air transport has become one of the most popular means of transport in recent times. However, they are not always as comfortable or glamorous as people have come to think. Although flights are a very useful means of transport, many passengers feel the consequences of spending many hours sitting on their bodies.

There is also the situation when traveling with children, since in addition to taking care of yourself, you have to take care of the little ones traveling with you, from their well-being to their behavior. Much has been said about the behavior of children on flights, the rules for traveling with babies and how airlines should start implementing adult-only flights.

“This man kept his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well,” he wrote. The post was shared in the Reddit category “MadeMeSmile”, which in Spanish would be understood as “Make me smile”. This is the section where positive and comfortable situations or moments are shared that fill your heart with happiness.

Reactions from forum members were mixed. Many associated him with a man who would do anything for his daughter, for her safety and comfort. Others commented that it was a case of “well-done parenting” since the daughter may “not realize it now, but she will always remember the comfort of her father’s hand”.

Although most of the comments were positive, such as praise, admiration or tenderness towards the situation, some were not satisfied with the father’s attitude. These users described the action as unnecessary and some even quipped that there was a “better way” or that the parent could have found a better solution.

Other people went a step further and said that these attitudes can later negatively influence the development of children. In this sense, the father would give her incorrect “lessons in comfort” and he would not let his daughter develop her personality.

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