For days, neighbors were interested in what their neighbor was doing. And finally they came in and saw what he had prepared underground

For 2 years, the Briton took a shovel and went down to the basement of the house. Neighbors saw him through the window and eventually decided to follow the man. Looking through the open door, they found a long tunnel. Initially, the attention of the neighbors was drawn to the large construction bags that the man took out of the house every day.

The Brit poured gravel and sand out of the bags and then returned. No construction noise was heard. When curiosity won out over politeness, the neighbors went to visit the Briton. The door was open, and almost directly beyond the threshold a descending passage was discovered.

The owner of the house also emerged from the tunnel. He was not at all surprised by the uninvited guests and gladly showed them the tunnel. It turned out that the man spent almost two years building an underground passage to his garage. Under the garage floor, the Briton also made a comfortable working room for himself and placed several musical instruments: the author of the project has already said that neighbors ask him to build similar premises for them.


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