Friends bought a horse wagon and turned it into a dream house in a year, fitting in 12 meters

Two friends were struggling to pay rent for an apartment in a good neighborhood and at the same time trying to save at least something to buy their own home.

But Lally and Sophie managed to find an unusual way out of a difficult situation: they bought a wagon for a horse and rebuilt it in a year into a dream home, fitting everything you need on 12 square meters. The van itself cost the girls 4130 dollars, that is, about 300 thousand rubles. Sophie is an architect, and she saw the potential in the small space of the van.

Almost everything had to be dismantled from it, leaving only the supporting structures. As a result, on 12 square meters, the friends fit a kitchen, a bedroom, a small living room and even a bathroom. The feeling of more space was achieved with the help of high windows and double glass doors.

The tiny kitchen has everything you need – it turned out that it was enough to properly arrange the appliances to save space. The house is powered by solar panels, and the kitchen also has space for a small gas bottle.

We spent a total of 20 thousand (about one and a half million rubles) on our house, and a year later we could already live in it, ”Sophie told reporters. Both friends consider the van their best idea. Indeed, money invested is not in vain.


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