From the lids he had accumulated for five years, a guy created an interesting kitchen table top.

Handmade interior design techniques are becoming more and more fashionable today. People often add unique and additional aspects to their home décor. Coins, bottles, and vine tops are just a few examples. For five years, a man has been collecting beer caps for decorating counters. Beer, mineral water and soft drink bottle caps are wonderful materials for crafts and surface decoration. They have many qualities that make them a more convenient, enjoyable, and adaptable starting point for creativity than plastic lids. Blankets can be attached using lei, cement, nails, welding and bending. Epoxy filled covers are a more modern and useful solution. The resin also bonds the coatings together while giving the surface a smooth, polished appearance.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

In this case, it is enough to lay the covers in the design; it is not necessary to glue them beforehand. The young man put the lids on the counter and did so. He had used 2,500 caps in his work. The man first intended to fold the lids into a pattern or image, but in the end he folded them into a gradient shape.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

A great remedy for bland home decor was a table made of beer caps and epoxy. The bottle tray was made with careful planning, stacking and sorting. But in the end, the man managed to fashion a truly distinctive countertop that infused his kitchen with personality and brilliant color.

необычная столешница кухонного стола из пивных крышек

The individual also created the tabletop by hand, creating high edges specifically for pouring epoxy resin. To avoid problems when pouring the epoxy, the kitchen counter was placed and meticulously leveled. In order to get a smoother surface with fewer air bubbles and to help keep the lids from floating, the guy put the epoxy in several thin applications. It could ruin the business as a whole. The counter gives the kitchen more color and character.

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