Fun mother and son duo take their wedding dance to the next level

Guaranteed no one’s going to forget this awesome performance. I can’t stop smiling!

Families have all sorts of different ways of showing their love for one another. Some do it through sweet gestures and words of affirmation, and some do it through sharing senses of humor and laughing nonstop. No matter how you show your affection, a wedding is a great opportunity to fine-tune the specifics of what makes your bonds with many people so special. For one mother and son duo, the son’s wedding was a perfect time to exemplify what bonds these two, and they got some pretty great results.

Much like how it’s tradition for the father of the bride to share a dance with his daughter at the wedding reception, mothers of the groom have taken to having a dance with their son.

This dance typically follows the one shared by father and daughter, so there may be a lot of anticipation and hype to live up to. Fortunately, this mom and her son are talented and practiced enough to shatter everyone’s expectations.

The dance starts with the mother sitting in a chair, while her son stands.

As the music starts and the chatter dies down, everyone is focused on what this pair will do. The son then extends his hand to his mother and she stands up. They start swaying to the music, a song called “All to You” by DJ Keo. It’s a ballad about motherly love and how grateful the singer is for his mother. It’s very sweet.

See the amazing performance for yourself in the vide0 below!

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