Funny video. This little miracle looks like an adult. He talks to his dad like a big man

Little girl Erin won the hearts of thousands of users when her parents posted her video on the net. The baby is only a year old and she has not yet learned to speak.

But she knows how to speak her childish language, with intonation and very emotionally. One day she decided to talk to her father.

She began to speak with such enthusiasm and so emotionally, as if she was really talking about something to her dad.

Every moment the child’s expression changed and she actively gesticulated with her hands and head.

Babies of all nations have babble; this is an innate stage of development that precedes speech.

Babies are already the first attempts to speak their own language: from 0 to 6 months, children, even those born on different parts of the planet,

do not differ much from each other in terms of the sounds they make (cooing, vocalizations).

But babble will already contain exactly the sounds of the native language often heard by the baby.

Adorable toddler

Babble is the training of pronunciation, as well as the initial stage of development of communication skills.

When a baby begins to babble, he sees that this attracts an adult who begins to explain something to him or is simply touched.

He quickly realizes that even such a rudimentary speech can already attract attention to himself in order to communicate.

And the baby skillfully uses it. Already by 12 months, many children begin to pronounce the first babble words which already mean something.

Of course, such pronunciation is still far from ideal and understandable, but this is the initial stage in the formation of normal speech.

Adorable toddler

Little Erin used all her vocal and sound abilities to get her father’s attention as much as possible.

And when she saw that she was being listened to attentively, she began to use facial expressions and gestures. It was both funny and touching at the same time.

After a long speech, the girl sat down on the floor, as if tired from her long speech.

While the girl’s father was attentively listening to his daughter’s performance, her mother managed to film everything on video.

They decided to show it to Erin when she will an adult and ask what she was talking about then.

Parents say that the girl is growing up as an active child, she constantly mutters and babbles something.

She also loves her father very much and waits impatiently for him to come home from work to tell him another story.


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