‘Got Talent’ sensation Mart Hoogkamer delivers stunning ‘Unchained Melody’

Mart Hoegkamer is a Dutch singer who after participating in the 8th season of “Holland’s Got Talent” managed to achieve significant and numerous successes. Despite the fact that he took the second position in the competition, he signed a record contract with Sony Music and thanks to this, he became a recognized star.

In this performance, Mart was able to perform a classic cover of The Isley Brothers’ hit ‘Unchained Melody’ with passion and force. He wears a sleek black suit with a crisp white ringed shirt and white tennis shoes.

He rose about 20 meters above the stage when he began his speech. He was supported by guitars, keyboards, drums, as well as background singers. The arena was lit up with incredible lighting effects and a variety of smoke machines.

Behind him on the stage were many illuminated letters with his name written on them, MARCH. The crowd kept singing and chanting along with the timeless lyrics. Couples could only be seen dancing with each other filled with love.

March immediately became popular thanks to the YouTube cover version of the same song. He also recently scored his first chart hit ‘Ik go Swimming’. It managed to reach number one on the Dutch Top 40 and Dutch Single Top 100 charts.

Although Mart is quite young, he has been performing in many competitions for quite some time. She started as a child, participating in the “Kids Sing With Stars” competition, where she also managed to take second place.

The famous Dutch singer has started to rise to stardom very quickly. This performance is a full display of his talent and stage presence. The crowd goes wild, especially after he hits his latest and highest score.

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