Grandmother, 93, put on cosmetics and seemed 20 years younger right away

They say that at a young age, cosmetics are needed to look older, and in adulthood, to look younger. But in women of age, relationships with makeup are often very difficult. So, too bright makeup can unfavorably set off age-related pallor, and the foundation does not already fit the skin so perfectly.

Видео: Как изменилась 93-летняя женщина после макияжа — удивительные работы визажистов

That is why many ladies begin to refuse makeup with age, believing that it adds several years visually. And this is in vain, because in this way they lose the opportunity to experiment with images. In fact, age makeup has the right to exist, it just has to be somewhat different than that of a young woman. How exactly, professional makeup artists know better.

Вы Не Поверите, Как Изменилась 93-летняя Женщина После Нанесения Макияжа - YouTube

A real master can cope with any task that an aged client sets him. This happened with our heroine, who is already 93 years old. Her granddaughter brought her to a make-up artist, and the result shocked everyone: it’s hard to believe that this lady has lived for almost a century. In any case, it is worth giving your grandmother a new lipstick, and she will be happy, like any woman.


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