Group has Simon saying “This is the best dance act we’ll ever see”

This is the most beautiful, creative dancing I’ve ever seen.

A dance group called Mayya mesmerized America’s Got Talent judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell with a breathtaking dance that had everyone in a stunned silence.

Choreographer Nadim Cherfan founded Mayas to provide a “safe and creative space” for talented female dancers since Lebanon isn’t exactly supportive of women dancing.

The group’s name means “the proud walk of the lioness”.
Mayya’s idea was to hypnotize the judges so they asked all four to sit close to each other, to which the judges obliged.

“Unfortunately, being a dancer as a female Arab is not fully supported – So far,” one of dancers explained. “We are here on the biggest stage in the world, this is our only chance to prove to the world what Arab women can do – the art we make, we fight. …we want to show the world that we are truly capable of standing on our own feet as strong and powerful women.”

With that, the Colombian judge hits the golden buzzer, showering Mayya with gold from the rafters.

Mayya proved to the world that they deserve all the attention from now on. Watch out for this dance troupe in the future!

Check out their incredible dance below!

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