Having bought the old barn, the man did not even imagine what he would find there.

It has happened to many people that in the old houses they bought,

people suddenly discovered such things, which represent a greater value than themselves.

And, of course, there are quite a lot of such cases.

This story is about a man who lives in Chicago.

The man can be considered one of the lucky ones in the world.

He managed to buy an apartment at an auction in one of Chicago’s suburbs.

The apartment also had a plot of land and a barn. After buying the apartment,

the man started cleaning the area. He was helped by his friends.

None of them could even imagine that they were in for a surprise.

After cleaning the area, the man reached the barn. He and his friends decided to open the door.

Of course, they opened the door, but with great difficulty, because it was winter and it was frozen.

Opening the door, they saw a car standing there. It was quite old from 1960.

This machine could accelerate and gain great speed in mere seconds.

The car stood there for more than 40 years, and naturally it was preserved only from the outside.

Of course, many collectors would like to buy it.

The exterior of the car was black, but its red color was preserved in some places.

The car was put up for sale by its new owner. It cost about 15 thousand dollars.

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