He is a father of 6 who won Simon Cowell’s gold button for his amazing singing performance

America has fallen in love with father and singer, Michael Ketterer, when he shocked the world by sharing his personal story and after showcasing his musical talents on the American Got Talent stage. Michael is a pediatric nurse in California, a beloved leader by his peers who also runs a faith-based record label and artist collective. As a father, he and his wife Ivey have six children, five of whom were adopted from foster homes. This father of half a dozen children shares his faith and musical skills with his children and his wife, who love to hear him sing. For his Got Talent audition, he chose a slow, soulful version of “To Love Somebody.” » by Bee Gees. His deep, rich voice captivated the judges and the audience, who listened intently, mesmerized by Michael’s performance. The most critical judge, Simon Cowell, offered Michael advice when he finished singing.


But neither Michael nor anyone else expected Simon to say what he said, or do what he did. Simon told Michael that when judges meet certain singers during auditions, they look for either a very technically accurate presentation or an intriguing and relevant audition. “Sometimes for me it’s about being real and surprising. I was worried about you, but I think sometimes actions speak louder than words.” Simon then stood up leaving everyone, including Michael, stunned with what he did. Check out what Simon did to Michael in the video below and prepare to be blown away by his performance.


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