He is only 13 years old, he seduced the jury with his talent

With all the talent shows on TV, it’s getting harder and harder to find a born talent that’s really worth it in any country, although it’s true that it’s given them a lot of visibility and that everyone who has it knows they can succeed. Anytime and anywhere. We are going to tell you about a very special case, which happened on the stage of the famous show La Voz Kids in its Belgian version.

Un chico de 13 años hace girar a los 3 jueces de La Voz al cantar con su vozarrón la mismísima canción del Titanic

A 13-year-old boy named Abu won over the audience as soon as he opened his mouth. The music started playing at that moment, and people couldn’t believe it. the song Abu had chosen: none other than that of Celine Dion, with its unforgettable Titanic soundtrack: My Heart Will Go On․ For a shy boy, it’s a difficult song, because it’s a difficult subject to talk about vocally, in addition to the pressure he has when performing a song that was placed at number 1 in the world at the time in reason for his appearance on the famous film and the feelings he conveys there.

When the judges listened to the music, having yet to see his face, they doubted the little boy was up to it, but Abu showed he was more than enough. From the first note, already two of the judges, Josje Huisman and Laura Tesoro, knew that at any moment they were going to press their button to spin the chair. Indeed: not only the two of them, but the 3 who made up the jury turned around to reveal the appearance of the young man who came to them fully.


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