Here’s how the life of the grandmother who traveled the world instead of caring for her grandchildren changed

Josefa is a Brazilian woman over 60 who decided to embark on a great adventure, her grandmother wanted to fulfill her dream of traveling the world. A few months ago, her story went viral, after she decided not to take care of her grandchildren to achieve her big goal: to travel as many countries as possible. The lady has visited all kinds of cities in more than 40 countries on the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, and she takes every opportunity given to her to share her experiences on social networks.

Her photographs inspire many other women her age not to give up on their dreams. Her native Brazil was the favorite destination of her grandmother, who decided to explore different regions of Latin America such as Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

“And here I am, honoring the girl who always wanted to be a traveler,” she wrote in her post from Bogotá. Throughout her travels, Josefa has done all kinds of activities, from swinging on an extreme swing to seeing with her own eyes the Middle of the World Monument in Quito, Ecuador. Grandma tried all kinds of delicacies and learned about different cultures and customs from many different societies that she is used to.

“If there is something that makes me happy, it is discovering other cultures; other ways of living and being in the world”, said the Brazilian on her arrival at Lake Titicaca, located on the border between Peru and Bolivia. On Instagram, she has more than 25,000 subscribers to whom she has never stopped sharing images, anecdotes of her travels and inspiring words from her that remind her that she made the best choice of her life.

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