High-quality homes that are built in a single day. The houses that were built by this company were of very high quality.

Today, life has become much faster than 50 years ago. Everything is accelerating, from transport to building houses. And if before it took several months, even years, to build a home, today the time is reduced to several weeks. However, the German company Dennert decided to do the impossible and started building houses in a single day.

The German company has been building houses for several years now. At some point, specialists realized that they had to step up the pace of their work in order to compete with other companies. Dennert knew how to combine speed and quality. An order takes 3 months. Meanwhile, in factory conditions, production takes place at home.

It will consist of ready-made modules in which all the necessary communications and basic household appliances are immediately mounted (depending on what the customer wanted to have). Installation of components is carried out on a finished foundation. Modular parts are brought to site and installation begins.

From the outside it looks amazing, because. the team works extremely fast, because the company credo is “One day — one house”. The main construction material is German eco-concrete. It is made of foamed glass, natural pumice stone from the Alps, cement, water and sand. Dennert prefabricated house A house that is built in 24 hours The manufacturing company is confident in the quality of its houses and guarantees them for up to 30 years.


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