Houses built underground. People have every convenience here. Tourists visit here to see these houses

Australia is a continent and country of contrasts. The unique nature and wildlife make this continent special. There are dense forests, deserts, primitive tribes and developed modern cities. However, one city in Australia is special in every way. This is the city of Coober Pedy, which is located underground. Тo survive in such natural conditions, people went underground. How did this city in the middle of the desert come about?

It all started in 1915, when rumors spread around the world that there were deposits of opal in the desert, which is a very expensive stone. From this time, people from all over the world began to come to Coober Pedy to get rich and start a new life mining opals. Many came with their families and children began to be born in the underground city.

This city has everything. what is in ordinary cities: a cinema, a school, a museum, bars and restaurants. And even the prayer house, decorated with sparkling stained-glass windows and biblical scenes carved on the walls, is located in the “dungeon”. However, gemstones are very rarely found. Sometimes people work in mines all their lives and do not have more than one find.
At present, the tradition of mining opals is gradually reducing, and with it the city is falling into decay.

Teenagers and young people want more stable and safe jobs and are leaving for big cities. However, many still continue to live underground, hoping to find the precious rainbow-colored opal. The Coober Pedy Dungeon is proof that a person can adapt to any conditions and find a way out of any situation. People built a whole city at a depth of 30 meters. The city has electricity and sewerage. The inhabitants built all the houses themselves, digging the earth for years and strengthening the walls. Underground, the temperature stays around 25 degrees and this is a comfortable temperature for people. Perhaps this city has yet to get rich and gain fame.

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