How the hero mother overcomes all difficulties with nine children

Mary is an amazing mother who, together with her husband, is raising nine children, she manages to do everything at home, and even do what she loves. She is fond of photography, and at her photo shoot, people sign up in advance in a queue. Moreover, five out of nine children are adopted. How did it happen?

When the family already had two children of their own, they had a desire to give parental love and care to one more adopted baby. According to Mary, they noticed how much the child has changed in their family. Then they decided to give a family to four more kids.

When there were already seven children, it turned out that the woman was pregnant. All the children were looking forward to the arrival of the baby. When Savva was born, he was much younger than his brothers and sisters. Without hesitation, she and her husband decided to give him a brother or sister, so that the baby would have a playmate close to him in age. This is how the ninth child appeared in the family.

Of course, a large family is far from easy, but Mary has her own life hacks and techniques, thanks to which she manages to do everything. She also shares her achievements and funny cases from the life of her family on social networks.

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