Husband left for work and disappeared for 15 years: wife had already given up hope when the doorbell rang

The story of a man missing for 15 years shocked the press and inhabitants of the city.

One day, a successful businessman and faithful family man did not return home from work.

His wife waited for him all night and realized that something had happened. The search began in the morning.

Wherever they looked for a man, but he disappeared without leaving a trace. The search ended and everyone lost hope that he would be found.

Only his wife continued to wait. Fifteen years have passed.

The woman, as usual alone, met Christmas, when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

She didn’t expect anyone that evening. Opening the door, she was speechless: it was her husband.

He returned after so many years and the family was reunited. Where has he been for so many years?

The man tolled that morning he got ready as usual and went to work.

He was selling vacuum cleaners, the company was not far from home and he always walked.

On the way, he suddenly felt dizzy, he fell, hit the asphalt and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself in an unknown city. At that moment, he did not remember who he was and what his name was.

He lost his memory. The man somehow settled in a new place, found a job as an cook assistant and rented a room.

He was lucky that he had a sum of cash in his pocket, since he also did not remember the password for the card.

He lived there for fifteen long years, until one day he saw an advertisement for vacuum cleaners on TV.

And then he remembered that he also was engaged in the sale of vacuum cleaners.

From that moment on, memory slowly began to return to him, but in fragments.

It took several months to finally remember who he was and where he came from.

The man did not hope that his wife continued to wait for him, but decided to take a chance and go to his hometown.

So he knocked on the door at Christmas. This was the biggest gift for both of them.

The couple reunited and never parted again, trying to forget this story.

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