I am the happiest mother in the world: A touching story of one adoption

Some women, after long and unsuccessful attempts to conceive a baby, calm down and even find positive aspects in the absence of children. But others believe that if you can’t give birth yourself, then there is nothing wrong with adopting a child. That is exactly what 44-year-old Victoria did.

I grew up in a large and friendly family. We have four parents, I am the oldest. Therefore, I could not even imagine how a family can live without children.

In my last year at the institute, I married a very good man who did not have a soul in me. The only thing that upset
me was that it was impossible to have a child. Already all my sisters, even the youngest, got married and gave birth. And we are still just the two of us.

What kind of doctors I didn’t turn to, what healers I didn’t go to. Almost all the money we earned went to hospitals
and medicines. But there was no result. When it finally became clear that I would not be able to get pregnant on my
own, we were advised to use in vitro fertilization, in other words, IVF. It was, perhaps, the last straw, and we grabbed it “hands and feet”

And it began: preparation, injections, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo implantation. And the expectation: it will take root, it will not take root. The first time the rejection happened at the very beginning. The second time I was pregnant for four whole months.

After my second miscarriage, I had a nervous breakdown. I sat all day long, staring at one point, stopped caring for myself, became very stout. The doctors suggested that we try again. But my husband couldn’t take it anymore. And after six years of marriage, I was left completely alone.

And I seriously thought about adopting a baby. And began to collect documents for adoption. It took me six months to go to the authorities and collect information. I had to buy a separate portfolio for the papers, because they no longer fit in the folder. And now everything is behind.

And I, with my mother, sister and girlfriend, stand in the lobby of the baby house and wait for a meeting with the manager. And next to us are ten bags with gifts and goodies for the children. And the teacher starts a little miracle: legs, arms – sticks, on a thin face – only eyes. And a bunch of red curls. Well, just like I did when I was a kid.

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