If you don’t have a place to live and you have little money, then buy a bus like this and turn it into a house like this

Portable cabins, which have become widespread recently, attract people’s attention day by day. The day-to-day changing appearance and comfort allow you to be more inspired and create more and more powerful and comfortable cabins. If you want to own a mobile home or don’t have enough money to rent it, you can follow our example. A school bus can become a very comfortable mobile home. All you have to do is remove the benches and repair the floor and walls. School buses have quite a spacious area and it will surely be comfortable in all aspects.

will and alyssa skooly garage

School bus turned into a mobile home, now there are 10 such examples. It wasn’t that hard to build. It turned into one common room, where everything is arranged in detail, even kitchen cabinets, two beds, sofa, table and chairs.

davis couple mobile school bus home

The walls are generally different colors, each house has its own colors. Now there is also a project to turn double-decker buses into mobile homes. It will have bigger facilities and more living space.

skooly interior luke and rachel

Single-story mobile homes can host approximately 5-7 people, and double-story mobile homes can host up to 10 people. Mobile home buses already have their first residents and are waiting for the next residents. There are many such examples, but they do not have such facilities as bus mobile homes.

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