In a family with 10 boys, a girl was born:Parents don’t believe

A few years ago, a boy was born in the Brett family, and they named him Rotagaid. He became the tenth child in the family, the tenth boy. His mother, Alexis Brett, became the only British woman to have ten boys in a row. But that is not all.

Most recently, a little princess appeared in this huge family, they named her Cameron. The family decided to stop there, because they already have everything for happiness: 10 boys from two to seventeen years old and a girl. It so happened that Alexis’ last pregnancy was not planned at all, but they did not interrupt it.

The father of the family works as a train driver. Where they live, in Britain, this is a very prestigious position and because of this, workers are not entitled to full child support.

Brett’s daily routine is something like this: her husband goes to work around 5:30 in the morning, after seeing him off, the woman drinks coffee and takes a shower. As soon as the kids begin to wake up, and everyday chores begin. Alexis says that their washing machine does 49 times a week and vacuums 7 times a day! The woman plans to find a job as a part-time fitness trainer.

There are eleven children in this family, Alexis says that only now their family has become complete. All brothers change in the presence of their younger sister, they are more calm and strive to protect her and carry her in their arms.

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