In addition, a train passes through the market. Can you imagine it?

When traveling to a new country, vacationers usually start by exploring the city’s many attractions. This can include museums, historical sites or even just fountains. Markets, however, are always the most vibrant aspect of every city. Markets are like the face of a city. Many markets have different amenities and aesthetics. Markets and market squares have always been the social centers of cities, attracting many activities. The most offensive market in the world is called “travel the world”.

Удивительный рынок Mae Klong на железнодорожных путях в Таиланде

The market has occupied a special place in the urban environment since its creation more than 3,000 years ago. Her societal role changed along with her appearance during this time. The markets attract customers with an assortment of tempting fruits and vegetables. People often like to shop in markets rather than retail establishments. After all, you can always find new products there and try them before you buy.

Tourists especially like to walk around the markets. They are attracted to vibrant colors and delicious aromas. Moreover, sellers are always ready to be treated in this way. Due to the increase in the production of exotic fruits and vegetables in Asia and the tropics, the markets in these regions are increasingly varied. There is a distinctive market in Thailand located at the top of the railway bridges. Selling things on the railroads seems absurd at first.

Удивительный рынок Mae Klong на железнодорожных путях в Таиланде

The market, however, has been around for a very long time and is much sought after by residents. The history of the market is long. It predates the railway and has always existed. In addition, the city council decided to install railway lines through the market, and traders were asked to move their stalls. Some, however, insisted on staying in their cabins and continued to do business there. Four times a day the train passes through the market and everyone is used to the schedules and the noise. M

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