In an hour you can get pregnant and give birth, the mother of three children proved

It’s no secret that pregnancy in women traditionally lasts about nine months and how it occurs, although the world is not complete without cranks. However, a 39-year-old resident of Indonesia, Heni Nuraeni, decided to break both laws of nature at once: the Indonesian claims that she miraculously became pregnant without a husband, and gave birth an hour later.

At the end of July, Kheni, according to her, was minding her own business at home in the village of Mandalasari, when she suddenly felt strange sensations in her stomach.

The incident came as a surprise to the entire Nuraeni family and to the woman herself, because, according to her, she had not experienced any symptoms of pregnancy for the past nine months. And this mother would have noticed if they were, given that before her son Lingg Chipt Radep was born, she gave birth to two more children, one of which is already 10 years old.

According to Henie, during the nine months that it usually takes to carry a child, she did not suffer from morning sickness, she still menstruated regularly, and her stomach did not increase in size. What is most surprising, the woman admitted that for the past 19 months, she has not been close to her husband, 38-year-old Eric.

Nuraeni’s words are also confirmed by the head of the Puspahiang district, Zalkap Drasman, who for some reason was aware that there was no intimate relationship between Eric and Henie for more than a year after the birth of their daughter. The whole situation in his eyes looks like a real miracle of the immaculate conception, which seems to really happen.

This is what makes this case strange but real, and we are grateful for everything because, with God’s will, everything becomes possible, Zalcap added.

However, Dr. Ruswana Anwar, who agreed to comment on Henie’s birth, was more skeptical about everything that happened. In his opinion, the replenishment in the family of an Indonesian has become another example of the so-called hidden pregnancy, in which a woman simply does not know about her condition, since she does not experience any symptoms.

The doctor explained the absence of signs of pregnancy by the fact that Henie could simply gain weight and not notice that her stomach was growing. And as for the continued menstruation, this can be explained by the usual hormonal failure.

Of course, the fact that there was supposedly no sex between a woman and her husband for 19 months remains surprising, and without it, the pregnancy would not have occurred. But it seems that the opinion of a medical expert is not even needed here to understand: either the spouses are not saying something together, or only Eric’s wife.

Heni’s husband himself has not yet commented on the situation. It remains only to guess whether the man had reasonable questions for his wife

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