Indonesians can drink coffee from an inverted cup. It is one of their traditions

Traditions are an integral part of any country and people. They always give a special flavor to their country, make it unique and distinguish it from the rest. Adherence to traditions should be within reasonable limits. They can be observed to preserve the culture of the people, but they must not contradict ethical and moral standards. As a rule, any tradition carries a meaning that has been preserved for centuries and reached the new generation. And there are traditions that were formed simply from some situations and do not have a special ancient meaning.

Как индонезийцы умудряются пить кофе из перевёрнутого стакана

In Indonesia, for example, there is a tradition of drinking coffee from an upside down glass. This habit has already become a part of the culture of the local people. Indonesia is the largest island country in the world, and each of them has its own language and customs. In this country, most of the features are related to religion, geographical location, and climate. However, there are some that arose spontaneously. There is a tradition that is an unusual way of drinking coffee. In big cities, you may not find this tradition. But in the provinces, especially in the Aceh region, coffee is brewed directly in a glass, turned over on a saucer and drunk a little with a straw. In Indonesia, there are many varieties of coffee, including regular coffee drinks like mocha, cappuccino and others. However, in an inverted glass, it is the coarsely ground robusta that is brewed and this drink is called buy-hop. The drink has its own history. Earlier, when there were no thermoses, fishermen drank cold coffee while fishing.

Как индонезийцы умудряются пить кофе из перевёрнутого стакана

Then they came up with a way to flip the glass. In this form, the coffee remained warm longer and slowly leaked into the saucer, from where it was drunk from a straw. This tradition slowly spread from fishermen throughout the province, and today is considered the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Tourists often come to the Aceh region to drink robusta in an upside-down cup. Indonesians are gentle and non-confrontational people. They are friendly to foreigners and ready to help. Local cafes already know that if a foreigner comes to them, he will definitely order coffee in an overturned glass.

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