It really is a miracle. The flowering of the house-sized rhododendron attracts many visitors.

The South Lodge in Horsham, West Sussex, is expecting a large number of guests soon. There’s a reason for that: Big Rody has bloomed! This rhododendron is so large that you can easily hide a London double-decker bus inside the bush and still have room. It is a unique plant.

Once he was a small bush, then grew into such a giant. Interestingly, there was no special care for him, he grew up alone. Head gardener Poe Collins says he’s already stopped caring for Big Rody – the huge bush no longer needs it.

For example, a bush cannot be watered – the most powerful garden pump will not reach the roots.

Pruning it is also unnecessary – the plant will grow faster than it will lose its foliage. For this giant, a separate lawn has been allocated. Many dream of coming here and seeing this giant with their own eyes!

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