It’s a house that turns and every day a new view opens from its windows

Resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vojin Kusic, 70, was able to build a very unusual house for his beloved wife. This building is located above the surface of the earth and also rotates around its axis! The man shared that he built such a house not for a feat, but because of the whims of his own wife. The fact is that she constantly complained that she was already tired of the same view from the window every day, she constantly arranged rearrangements and repairs at home in order to somehow change the situation . Initially, the Kusich family house was the most ordinary.

The bedroom windows faced the sunny side and the road was visible from the living room. Following the requests of his wife, Voyin made a radical redevelopment and moved the walls! But then the woman started complaining that from the windows she couldn’t see people entering the house. And while the woman did not express another whim, the man decided to make a knightly gesture and designed such a building that rotated and had different views from the windows. Kusich admits that this project is not new. It took time and a great desire to achieve it.

After all, only he knew all the nuances and details of construction, and no one else could have completed it. This unique house is located near the Serbian town called Srbac. From its windows on one side you can see a field planted with corn, and on the other – a river and a forest plantation.

And now Vojin Kusich’s wife can change her mind at will. The speed of rotation of the house is regulated: from the minimum, at which one revolution is performed per day, to the maximum. In the latter case, the house will come full circle in 22 seconds! Kusich considers Mikhail Pupin and Nikola Tesla himself as his inspirations. The house itself turned out not only very original, but also safe.


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