It’s Time to Change Your Mop: Top 5 Home Cleaning Mistakes

House cleaning can lead not only to cleanliness, but also to damage to things. This happens when old inventory and unsuitable tools are used.

The main mistake is the use of old rags, old vacuum cleaner bags and other helpers to deal with dirt, which have already accumulated a lot of germs.

Failure to follow the instructions of detergents can lead to damage to surfaces and streaks on the glass. Experts recommend paying attention to how the method of applying the product is described – if the instructions do not say that the substance can be sprayed onto the surface, then it is better to avoid direct contact between the jet and the thing, but apply the chemical on a napkin and wipe the interior item with it. Do not ignore the recommendations on the amount of funds applied, so as not to waste time erasing the excess.
When cleaning, it is important to follow the system. If dust is removed in one room, then the same must be done in another. It is recommended to clean from top to bottom or clockwise.

Professionals in the field of cleanliness advise you to regularly clean and vacuum upholstered furniture and carpets, to remove stains from them. This is especially recommended for pet owners.

For cleaning, it is better not to use wet wipes for the body, as they leave streaks and the surface becomes sticky.

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