Kohara was rewarded with a nice gift for her good attitude

It is common that in fast food restaurants there are always many customers, the staff of these places know that these customers want to eat well, cheaply and also to be served as quickly as possible. When the service is good, customers come back, sometimes even become friends with the waiters and employees behind the bar because of how often they come. This is the case of Vicki Anderson, a woman who works at McDonald’s in South Hutchinson in Kansa, in the United States.

On one occasion Vicki works her shift like any other day, unexpectedly she was visited by a loyal customer, Chris Ellis, who knew her very well, to others she was a complete stranger but he used to talk to her. The man knew that Vicki’s car had broken down and that her co-workers would occasionally do her a favor by picking her up to take her to work. That day, Vicki had the feeling that she would be fired because earlier her boss had sent for her to tell her something. She was worried and very anxious, she had never imagined that it would be an unforgettable day and not precisely because something bad was going to happen, everything was going much better than she imagined. The woman really liked talking with Chris because he made her laugh with his jokes. He and his son, Josh, had ambushed her, but with a big surprise.

She asked him if she knew of a place where she could find a cheap car because she thought taking it to the garage would be more expensive. At this Chris had a great idea. Turns out Chris’ son had just bought a new car and was selling the old one, so Chris saw this as a great opportunity to do something good for Vicki. He bought the car his daughter was selling to give it to Vicki! Of course, the son also did his part and lowered the price of the car. Vicki’s boss was with Chris and Josh in the parking lot, he also knew about the surprise they had prepared for him ․ Now, Vicki will have no problem when she wants to move from one place to another. Although Chris has been quite generous, you’d be surprised what the smallest gesture done with love can do to a person. For more goodness and nobility in the world!

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